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Nolah Mattress Review

In 2015, Nolah set out to improve on the traditional memory foam mattress experience by engineering their own materials and disrupting the bed-in-a-box market with highly specialized, luxury mattresses at an affordable price. Today, they offer foam, latex and hybrid models and have won several awards for their mattress designs. While this review will focus on the Evolution 15-Inch, Nolah’s luxury hybrid mattress, it’s worth noting that the company also makes four other models, including all-foam and latex options—and even a mattress designed exclusively for kiddos.

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Ah-mazing sleep!!! Buy it…You will NOT regret it!

Both my husband and I struggle with back issues and are hot sleepers. This mattress is amazing. Complete game changer for us.


My coworkers hate me…

I used to go to work exhausted and dragging all day. Within a week of getting my Nolah mattress, I was singing my way to work. I was so spicy, they even renamed me Chipotle. Having gone through Nectar and Casper mattresses, this one is undeniably the best. Cool and comfy, I sleep through the night. No more night sweats or shoulder pain! Wish I had made the change sooner.


Everything I needed

When I came across this mattress I thought about it for a while. After deciding to pull the trigger on it and I can honestly say I am so happy I did. My wife and I had a queen size pretty used mattress. We were constantly dealing with back pain, upper and lower back. We are both 30 years old and had no reason to have been feeling the way we did. When looking at different mattresses and ratings I came across the Nolah Evolution 15 and after extensive research went ahead with the purchase. It got here (Miami Florida) in 3 days. Since the day we received this bed my back has not been sore and we’ve had it a bit over a month. We went with the luxury plush which supports but isn’t too firm. I get real deep sleep and fall asleep within minutes of laying down. I have always had sleeping trouble and thought it was me, turns out it was my comfort level! I took my time with this and put some details in this review because I want you all to know how happy I am with this purchase. I never write reviews but Nolah earned it and you’ve earned a good nights rest. Treat yourself don’t cheat yourself!

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