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We may receive compensation from the products or services featured on Mattress Authority, and this compensation may affect the order, prominence, or location of specific listings.

Our Review Process

Our goal is to provide in-depth information about each product to help users make the best decision possible.

Our team of professional writers takes an unbiased approach to rigorously researching and thoroughly evaluating all of the products and services included on the to develop our reviews, comparisons, guides, and articles.

Our content is generated through rigorous research of each brand’s website, consumer resource sites, other reviews, research, data, and any relevant scientific studies. We often have our researchers personally test experience each item as well.

Our experts determine product rankings by extensively comparing and analyzing each brand we review. We look at both the criteria consumers need to know, like pricing and product benefits, as well as criteria that are more subjective, like features and performance, to determine rankings. Subject matter experts often test the products and services included in our reviews and rankings, which helps them assess both the consumer experience as well as real-life performance.

We use standard criteria for each category that help us evaluate each product or service, and we use these same criteria across all the brands we review. You’ll see several very similar tables, bulleted lists, and review sections across our content. We write our reviews based on the performance of each brand within the different criteria.

Our writers are expert communicators and critical thinkers. They are completely independent, and while they are paid for their time, they do not receive any compensation from the companies they review. Ethics matter, and we want each of the reviews you read to be unbiased, fact-driven, and honest, so we keep our writing teams separate from all other parts of


Mattress Authority Methodology

Don’t lose sleep over mattress shopping—our experts do all the work for you! Here’s how we approach our reviews:

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It Starts with Science

It Starts with Science

Before we make a recommendation, we always check what the science says. We look at credible studies and guidance from experts to identity the criteria we should use to evaluate every product.

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Then We Dive In

Then We Dive In

Armed with our criteria, we begin our comprehensive review of each mattress to determine how it stacks up. We note every detail—from the design and materials to the sizes, pricing and even the fine print.

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Next, We Sleep on It

Next, We Sleep on It

Our favorite part: The testing phase. We send our research experts on a mission to personally test out every mattress we review—to leave the bias behind and find out if they really live up to all the marketing hype.

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Finally, We See What Sleepers Are Saying

Finally, We See What Sleepers Are Saying

Customer reviews are a great resource for finding out how a mattress performs, especially long-term. We check out what customers are saying about each mattress, from the highlights to the pain points.